Areas of expertise

Criminal Law

Knowledge and extensive experience

Criminal cases are handled through specialized knowledge and extensive experience.

The handling of cases includes, inter alia, legal support of the client at all stages of the criminal proceedings, drafting and filing of indictments, lawsuits, complaint reports, drafting and submission of pleadings and applications, a thorough study and preparation of the criminal case files, the performance and representation before the competent prosecuting and investigating authorities, judicial councils and courts of all instances at home and abroad.

Η Φρύνη στην Ηλιαία
Specialization in financial and tax criminal law
Η εκδίωξη του Δούκα των Αθηνών

The firm also offers combined legal services in civil and criminal liability covering the entire range of financial criminal law.

The firm’s attorneys have special expertise in Financial and Tax Criminal Law, which covers the handling of cases involving financial crimes before both criminal and civil courts, including filing and repelling indictments, and exercising related claims, freezing assets, executing court decisions, etc.

Special mention should be made to the firm’s frequent involvement in cases of money laundering before the competent Authority for Combating Money Laundering, the Financial Crime Unit, and other public services involved and the relevant investigative and prosecuting authorities and courts.

Extensive experience in providing specialized legal services to items of specific legal interest
  • Appeals to the European Court of Human Rights for violations of the Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • Defending those accused in cases of smuggling, usury, fraud, embezzlement against the State, public legal entities, banks, etc., (N.1608/1950) as well as the European Community, extortion, money laundering, organizing and participating in a criminal organization.
  • Legal support in cases of computer crime and computer fraud.
  • Defending those accused of murder or manslaughter and robbery.
  • Legal support of natural and legal persons in cases of defamation, libel, slander, verbal abuse as well as for crimes committed by the press and other mass media.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation of medical doctors in medical-related criminal and civil liability cases.