The Firm

Lege Artis, Erga Omnes

The art of law against all

The law firm under the name “I.K. Mantzouranis – I.N.Maganiaris & Associates: Law Firm” was first established as the law firm of Konstantinos I. Mantzouranis (23.12.1909 – 15.2.1998), who registered in the Athens Bar Association (DSA) on 4.3.1942. It then became the law office of Ioannis K. Mantzouranis and Maria-Markissia K. Mantzourani (04.09.1957 – 11.08.2003). On 9.12.2006 I. K. Mantzouranis established the law firm, “I.K. Mantzouranis & Associates: Law Firm”.

In its present form and organization the law firm provides legal services covering a broad range of law, such as criminal, administrative, tax, civil, commercial, international and european law, with absolute professionalism having as a guiding principle “lege artis, erga omnes, i.e., the art of law against all.” With strict adherence to the principles of law and the science of law, the firm’s associates defend the legitimate interests of all principals against all other parties.

Knowledge, experience, expertise and feistiness.

The provision of legal services – with reliability, efficiency, consistency, speed and high quality – is ensured by the continuous response to the daily increasing demands on update in relation to the developments in legal theory, the continuous adaptation to the changing requirements of legal practice, and the sound expertise and experience of all the firm’s attorneys.